HC4A’s Gala and Mission Lights Up by the Gold Sponsor – Thirumala Reddy Kumbum

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable evening of celebration and generosity. The Hindu Charities for America (HC4A) is holding its 9th annual fundraising gala, scheduled for October 7th, 2023.

This gala is very dear to our hearts, as it marks another year of our dedication to making a difference and transforming lives. During last year’s gala, you helped us raise an astonishing $120,000, which supported over 120 deserving students in economically disadvantaged situations by giving them scholarships.

Our goal is to leave an impact on even more lives this year and we are counting on your support. We already have amazing sponsors who have joined us in changing lives for the better. One of the Gold Sponsors for our gala is Thirumala Reddy Kumbum. 

Meet Our Gold Sponsor: Thirumala Reddy Kumbum

Our Gold Sponsor, Thirumala Reddy Kumbum, aka Thiru, from Value Financial Services (VFS), has generously supported this year’s gala. His business specializes in estate planning, which is crucial to managing financial assets and protecting heirs. 

The $10,000 donation from Mr. Kumbum shows his dedication to the cause. This wonderful contribution will go towards sponsoring the event and making the gala a huge success.

50% Discount on Estate Planning Package! Safety for Your Loved Ones 

Mr. Kumbum is more than just a sponsor. His Estate Planning business, Value Financial Services, provides great benefits to people. In addition to estate planning, he provides a variety of financial services, such as financial and insurance planning. His team is dedicated to providing you with the best financial services that can make your life easier. 

Right now, he is offering a 50% discount on his estate planning package. This means you can use his $600 service for just $300. This is the perfect opportunity for you to secure the future of your loved ones.

We Thank Thirumala Reddy Kumbum for His Support

We are extremely thankful and appreciate his generous support of HC4A’s mission. His contribution means much more than the sponsorship of our gala. It is a great step toward supporting the countless underprivileged students who dream to get out of poverty and live a dignified life. 

About Hindu Charities for America (HC4A)

HC4A is a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships for vocational training and certifications needed for high-paying jobs. Recipients of the scholarship are carefully selected from a diverse pool of deserving youth who are committed to using education as a vehicle towards financial stability.      

HC4A’s mission, to Bridge income disparity through education, is based on the value of seva (service), one of the four foundational principles of the Hindu Sanatan Dharma. Our motto is Serve Where You Live, which symbolizes that your generosity is helping people in need right in your neighborhood and your community and is making an instant impact. 

We do more than just provide scholarships. To give our beneficiaries the best chance of success, we establish partnerships with partners, such as CapitalIdea, African American Youth Harvest Foundation, and others, who provide wrap-around services to such youth.     

Come to Our 9th Gala and Make a Difference

As we get ready for the HC4A Gala, we invite more people and organizations to step forward and support Hindu Charities for America. Your contribution has the power to transform one’s life and making a lasting impact on their families.  You can help us provide scholarships, support, and hope to those who need it. Together, we can build a happier world.

To learn more about the Gala and how you can get involved, visit the HC4A website.

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