HC4A Successfully Hosted 11th School SupplyPacking Event

Hosted 11th School Supply Packing Event
Hosted 11th School Supply Packing Event

We take immense pleasure in informing you about our recently held school supply packing
event on August 6, 2023. It was our 11th annual school pack supply event. The event raised
an incredible $45,000 in donations, allowing 1,400 bags to be filled with necessary items for
those in need.
These backpacks, filled with notebooks, pencils, pens, folders, and calculators, represent a
real investment in the educational travels of young minds. The devotion of approximately
225 volunteers who assembled at the Dell Jewish Community Center, representing the spirit
of togetherness and compassion, contributed to the event’s success.
Despite the hardships that the Covid 19 has brought, the community has responded with
amazing support and excitement. Our organizers were amazed by the response they got
from the people, and their support and zeal to help the needy were remarkable.
Hindu Charities for America demonstrated their dedication to education and empowerment
by distributing these backpacks to organizations such as:
● African American Youth Harvest Foundation
● Asian Families Support Services of Austin
● Greater Love Baptist Church
● Dove Springs Proud
● Share the Will (Veterans)
This is not the first time Hindu Charities for America has taken such action. We have been
doing these gatherings for years and have no plans to quit this initiative. Your support is
what encourages us and encourages more people and organizations to assist children in
receiving the education they deserve.
You can expect more meaningful events from Hindu Charities for America in the future. Our
aim is to provide students who are below the poverty line with the education they need. Our
work serves as a reminder that even tiny gestures may have a significant impact. In a world
full of issues, events like this offer us hope and demonstrate that by working together, we
can create a better future for everybody.

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