Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities

Do you have a passion for helping others? Do you want to make an impact in the community where you live? Do you believe that education can be the key to a more successful life? Come join our EC4A team! We are a dedicated, energetic group of people from across the country who believe in making a difference through education.

There are so many ways to help-sharing time, skills, talents, ideas, connections, and more. In person or online, you can make a valuable contribution.

Opportunities to volunteer:

  • Leadership roles to help grow and administer existing and new EC4A chapters.
  • Managing fundraising events such as art and culture shows, auctions, networking hubs, etc.
  • Media asset development through photography, videography, and video marketing.
  • Communications management through outreach to our constituents, content development, blogs, social media, graphics, etc.
  • Develop corporate giving relationship at your workplace.
  • Grant writing

By joining our team, you can help in serving the homeless and low-income children and youth of your community. In the process, you can connect with some inspiring leaders, add to your current skills, and expand your network . EC4A volunteers are recognized with Selfless Service Awards . We are also certified to administer the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards .

Each level of award is determined by the number of volunteer hours starting with 100. Once over 4,000 hours have exceeded, a Lifetime Award is presented!

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