Do you have a passion for helping others? Do you want to make an impact in the community where you live? Do you believe that education can be the key to a more successful life? Come join our HC4A team! We are a dedicated, energetic group of people from across the country who believe in making a difference through education. There are so many ways to help—sharing time, skills, talents, ideas, connections, and more. In person or online, you can make a valuable contribution.

Volunteer opportunities

Come as you are! In the eternal philosophies of equality and equity, we welcome you to participate in developing meaningful relationships with friends

CSR Opportunities

You are the ‘Responsibility’ in Corporate Social Responsibility

Fundraise with us

Be the change. Be the influencer

Join Foundation Board

HC4A volunteers are recognized with Selfless Service Awards and also US Presidential Volunteer Service Awards – thus the volunteers are well recognize

You support . We enable . They achieve

Together, let’s lay the foundation for a desirable tomorrow.

Apply for Assistance

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