HC4A’s 9th Gala Turns Grand with Our Second Gold Sponsor: Shravan Parsi

HC4A’s 9th annual fundraiser gala is just a month away and the excitement is on the rise

October 7th, 2023, will witness another grand night when the community will come together to show their generous support for HC4A’s mission of bridging income disparity through education. This gala isn’t an ordinary occasion; it’s a celebration of hope and equality through education. 

Last year’s gala was a resounding success, as you helped us raise over $120,000, which provided invaluable support for more than 120 deserving students through scholarships. This year, we aim to support more students in economically disadvantaged situations by giving them scholarships.

Mr. Shravan Parsi, CEO and Founder of American Ventures, has come forward as a generous Gold Sponsor to support this event and make it a huge success.

Our Second Gold Sponsor: Shravan Parsi

Shravan Parsi is an entrepreneur, innovator, CEO, and founder of American Ventures. American Ventures is a highly successful commercial real estate development company with an impressive track record and a portfolio of properties in the Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth markets.

He is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a passionate philanthropist. He is a champion sponsor for HC4A and has generously donated $10,000 for this year’s gala. His contribution shows that he supports our mission of helping deserving students who are dedicated to learning and supporting their families.

American Venture: Quality Investment Opportunities 

American Ventures is a leading real estate investment company that specializes in multifamily and commercial real estate. 

The company believes that everyone should have access to building long-term wealth. Unfortunately, most of the time, people don’t have access to the right tools and resources to help them with this. This is why American Ventures gives individual investors access to high-quality institutional investment opportunities. It caters to individuals who invest $50,000 or more in the real estate sector. 

American Ventures is pleased to provide you with these investment opportunities to accomplish the goals you value.

If you are interested in investing, you can email American Ventures at invest@americanvenutre.com

We Are Thankful to Shravan Parsi for His Kind Support

Mr. Parsi’s contribution as a Gold Sponsor for the HC4A gala is proof of his tireless dedication to empowerment and education. His generosity goes beyond a monetary donation; it also serves as a sign of belief in the aspirations of many students who are trying to create better lives. We want to sincerely thank Mr. Shravan Parsi for his invaluable help with our mission.

About Hindu Charities for America (HC4A)

HC4A is a nonprofit organization with a mission to bridge income disparity through education.  It is based on the value of seva (service), one of the four foundational principles of the Hindu Sanatan Dharma.

We offer scholarships to financially aid deserving students in economically disadvantaged situations. These scholarships help students get vocational training and certifications, which are needed for high-paying jobs

We carefully select students who are truly committed to using education as a vehicle for financial stability and provide them with support so they can help themselves and their families out of poverty. 

In addition to providing scholarships, we also collaborate with organizations such as CapitalIdea, the African American Youth Harvest Foundation, and others to offer these young people complete support.

Join Our 9th Gala and the Cause!

We invite you to take part in our celebration of education and change. Your contribution can make a huge difference in the lives of these deserving youth. Let’s come together and make HC4A’s 9th annual fundraiser gala an even greater success.

To learn more about the gala and how you can participate, visit our website today. Together, we can transform lives.

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