Your support is vital for us to together build a sustainable tomorrow for our communities.

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It is heartbreaking to learn that there are 40 million+ people living in poverty ( and in average 2.5 million children experience poverty in the USA every year . Since it is education that has helped most of us at EC4A lead successful, rewarding and privileged lives in America, we felt morally obliged to give back to the country that has embraced us and provided.
“Bridge income disparity through education” with the motto “Serve Where You Live ™”.

Some families do not have funds to buy school supplies for their children to go to school! In 2010, EC4A launched the school supplies project that from 2012 became a joint service project with EC4A and the Jewish Community in Austin area.

CNBC reports: More Americans are going to college than ever before, but students face unprecedented challenges. Over 44 million Americans collectively hold more than $1.4 trillion in student loan debt and only 54.8 percent of students graduate in six years. This means that millions of Americans are taking on thousands of dollars in debt, without even a diploma to show for it.

EC4A believes that assisting those wanting to seek vocational training, has a better success in a building meaningful career, faster . EC4A has worked with THEO to add vocational training scholarship program in 2014, so that students living below federally defined poverty line can learn work skills leading to job that pays equal or higher wages, than minimum living wages. Vocational training jobs are always in demand – we always need plumbers, electricians, nurses and so on!

Since then, the Scholarship program has been expanded in Texas to include Houston an Dallas and in California, Los Angeles. With more and more people associating with EC4A in their personal and professional capacities, we believe that we have the opportunity to make a huge impact throughout the country.

Your support is vital to run these key programs, and to help uplift the communities we all have been an integral part of.

Through providing high-quality services in education, and professional development, we will together build a better future for generations to come. We are thrilled to invite you to join us in building a sustainable tomorrow for low-income families!

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