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EC4A has risen to the occasion several times during humanitarian crises

EC4A has risen to the occasion several times during humanitarian crises in the United States. This includes essential supplies support during the Houston floods in 2017.

In 2021, the HC4O2 campaign was a landmark and emotional fundraising effort for families in India.

The despair and frustrations of the pandemic explosion in India were felt deeply by all Indian Americans—including our donor base that is predominantly of Indian origin. We were inspired by the heroic efforts of various community networks in the US that are pooling money to buy critical medical supplies.

EC4A partnered with Navya, a stellar organization that worked on a cost-efficient and expedient way to supply high-quality oxygen concentrators to India. A few reasons why our team felt this was one of the best ways to give:

Quality: High-quality oxygen concentrators.

Speed: Regular Air India flights and FedEx shipments from the US carrying supplies to ensure timely help. Navya worked with Tata Memorial Centre and its partner hospitals across the country for smooth distribution once the supplies reached India.

Maximize donation dollars: The concentrators were subsidized to 50% of the price and transporting the supplies was at a no-cost agreement with the carriers.

Not only did we raise enough to send the much-needed aid to India, but the additional funds will be used to make a permanent on-site oxygen generator at the Tata Memorial Center facility in Khargar, Navi Mumbai.

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