Legacy Scholarships

Legacy Scholarship

Legacy Scholarship program is an opportunity to leave a legacy behind. Some lasting good that stays for years to come and preserves the essence of who you are. Through this charitable act you can help economically disadvantaged students achieve more than living wages. The scholarship will help with the educational expenses for three years by which time they will qualify in a trade with a vocation in medical or other fields.

EC4A synergistically works with local organizations in selecting students and providing them with the means to obtain an education and placing them in jobs. Most of the students funded by EC4A have obtained a meaningful career or are on track to make one.

This is what one student is saying:

Hindu Charities for America, I would like to express my gratitude for your donation to Capital Idea Program, which has allowed me to continue with my education. I am a mother of three and currently attending Austin Community College. I am studying to get my associate degree in Dental Hygiene. …. This has made a great difference in my life and I am sure in many others. – TC.

Legacy scholarships can also be a great way to memorialize a loved one. Some of our donors have chosen to start this Legacy program in the name of a deceased family member. Here is a chance to make a difference in the life of one person and that could mean changing the trajectory of a whole family. Once the recipient is educated, their children will follow their path.

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For more information, send email to info@hc4a.org.

2022 Donors

Donor Message Year
Pushpa Kotecha In Memory of beloved husband Late Dilip D. Kotecha 2023-24-25
Harish Kotecha In Memory of Late Mr. Narandas Jinabhai Kotecha & Mrs. Dhirajben Narandas Kotecha 2023-24-25
Meena Mutyala NU and Swarna Rao Memorial Scholarship 2023-24-25
Lakshmi Kondubhatla Jagarlamudi Siva Legacy Scholarship 2023-24-25
Nagavalli Medicharla Medicharla Legacy Scholarship in memory of Prof. MJ Rao 2023-24-25
Sathish Jetti Jetti Family Scholarship 2023-24-25
Naveen Nandigama Nandigam Family Scholarship 2023-24-25


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