1Is this a religious Organization?

No, it is a non-religious charity to help those living in poverty obtain help to get on their feet with work skills. The word Hindu, in its strictest terms implies a way of life.

2Is it collecting money for promoting religious activities?

No, the money collected is used to provide homeless children in Austin area with schools supplies and students seeking vocational training with scholarships so that they can obtain work skills leading to higher paying jobs.

3Is the money collected going to India?

No, our motto is “Live Here, Give Here”. Funds raised in Austin can only be used in Austin. When we expand to other parts of the country, same motto will apply.

4If it is a secular organization why have 'Hindu" in the name?

We chose the Hindu name to indicate that the charity is founded by ethnic group of people. We have donors from all walks of life. The school supply project is with the Jewish community in Austin area. And again, Hindu is a way of life.

5Who benefits from the charity?

Currently we have presence only in Austin metro area. Children living under poverty get schools supplies. Those students with income below federally defined poverty line are eligible to apply for scholarships through ISDs, Austin Community College and Capital Idea. We also support a few other organizations.

6Can I apply for assistance?

Yes, please click this link.

7Do I have to be a Hindu to apply for assistance?

No! Anyone can get assistance if they meet the criteria!

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