Book a Ticket for HC4A Gala and Make an Impact

Mark your calendar for the 7th of October and book a ticket for a special and grand evening – HC4A 9th Gala! And it is not an event you would want to miss. This gala is much more than just a night of glamour and fun; it’s a chance to fight poverty and improve lives by promoting education in your own city and neighborhood areas such as Austin, Dallas, and Houston in the Lone Star State – Texas.

Hindu Charities for America (HC4A): The Mission

At Hindu Charities for America, we follow our motto of “Serve Where You Live” and believe in the value of Seva, one of the foundational principles of Hindu Sanatan Dharma

Our mission is clear: to bridge income disparities through education. And we have been doing it successfully for years. 

Last year, with your support, we raised over $120,000 that enabled us to provide more than 120 scholarships that helped deserving students and heads of households find better-paid employment. 

These scholarships even funded a program with the African American Youth Harvest Foundation to provide certification courses to hard-working but underserved youth.

The 2023 Poverty Rate in Texas

Did you know that according to the latest Census Bureau data for 2022, a shocking 14% of Texas’s population, which is approximately 4.2 million people, is living in poverty? This percentage is higher than the national average of 11.6%. This means that 4.2 million Texans are struggling to make ends meet, often working multiple low-wage jobs just to survive.

How Education Can Change Lives

In the middle of this harsh reality of poverty, there is some good news – education can be the solution we have been looking for. Education can change the lives of bright and dedicated students and family heads stuck in such difficult situations. This is the reason why we help people get educated and find better jobs to create a better future by providing scholarships and financial help for education. 

So, this year, HC4A is setting the bar even higher to help with this problem. We are aiming to raise more funds with your help so that we can award more scholarships to students in high-demand fields like healthcare, technology, and business. These scholarships will go to the academically gifted, deserving students who are facing homelessness or coming from low-income families

The 9th Annual HC4A Gala: Book a Ticket Now!

On October 7, 2023, at the gala, you will have the opportunity to take part in this amazing process. It promises to be an elegant evening filled with entertainment, delectable food, live music, and a silent auction. It will take place at the Courtyard by Marriott Austin Pflugerville and Pflugerville Conference Center.

So be a part of this special event and help us support the deserving youth of America. With your kind help, we will be able to fight poverty in Texas. Not just that, as per our motto – Serve Where You Live – we will also be able to make tomorrow a better future for the communities in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. So, book your ticket and make your contribution to bring about change. Visit the HC4A website to know more.

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